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Designed for all women, at any life stage

Ourself is for women who want to:

  • Optimize their current health

  • Manage health conditions

  • Track their menstrual cycles

  • Understand their hormones

  • Embrace menopause, and more


Your body's data holds the key to unlocking your wellness

Connect the dots in your data to gain powerful insights.

  • Customize what you track

  • Monitor menstrual or other hormone cycles

  • Analyze and integrate key health and lifestyle factors

  • Discover your own unique patterns


Learn from collective wisdom

Women have been kept in the dark about our bodies for far too long. It’s time to shine a light on what ails us and integrate the wisdom of our data and experiences. As you gain insights into your own health, you'll learn not only from experts, but also from the community of other women and their shared experiences.

Connect with other women in all stages of life

Access a wealth of resources on women’s health

Get insights and recommendations from reputable health experts


Empowering wellness for womankind

Ourself began as one woman’s journey to investigate her own health conditions. Since that first step 15 years ago, we’ve learned how data unlocks the insights you need to transform your wellbeing.

Today, we use technology to make these insights available to women everywhere.

Take control of your health

Become an early tester of our app and get immediate insights into your health!
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